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Ethics Approval
(NEW) This page is only about Subject Pool Ethics Application. If participants of your studies are outside the subject pool, please click the following link to:
Department Research Ethics Application (for studies on participants outside the subject pool):

Consent form guidelines
The consent form should not include a waiver of legal rights of the subject or release of others from liability for negligence. It should include the following:
1. Study title, name and contact information of the investigators should appear. If the researcher is an undergraduate or postgraduate student, contact information of the faculty advisor should appear also.
2. A description of the procedure in which the participant is asked to participate.
3. An estimate of the length of time for which participation is requested.
4. Information about any attendant discomfort or risk reasonably to be expected.
5. An assurance that participation in the study is the result of a voluntary decision by the participant and, if the latter is a minor, by the participant's parent or guardian.
6. An assurance that the participant may withdraw from research at any time without penalty.
7. An assurance that the participant's personal information (protected under law by the Hong Kong personal data privacy ordinance) will be used for research purposes only and will not be given out to other parties unless forced by law.
8. Contact information for further inquiries and concerns about the research.


If you are planning to obtain departmental approval for an online study please use this form (updated on 25 Feb 2020)


Debriefing sheet guidelines
The debriefing sheet should clearly and SIMPLY state:
1. The purpose of the experiment;
2. The issues that led to the experiment's conceptualization or design;
3. A brief explanation of the methods;
4. A brief description of the research hypotheses.
5. 2-3references for the students to examine if they wish to find out more about the topic;
6.The experimenter's and the research supervisor's contact information.
The length should be about 1-2 pages and should be written in language suitable for introductory level students.
**PLEASE NOTE: Although the debriefing sheet is meant to be taken away from the experiment by the student, it should by no means replace a verbal debriefing at the end of the experiment. BOTH a verbal debriefing AND a written debriefing sheet are expected to be provided at the end of EVERY experiment.



Supervisor Endorsement
1. If you're a professor, professional consultant, lecturer or postdoctoral fellow in the department, supervisor endorsement is not needed.
2. If supervisor endorsement is needed, please fill out Ethics form-supervisor Endorsement with your supervisor's signature, and merge this form, consent form and debriefing form into one file(word or pdf format) and submit to the research ethics committee in Sona system. You will receive an email when the committee has reviewed your application.

Ethics form-supervisor Endorsement (docx)
Ethics form-supervisor Endorsement (pdf)

  Ethics approval application procedures
Please merge consent form, debriefing form and Supervisor Endorsement form(if needed) into one file (in docx, pdf or zip format) and submit it in Sona system. For details procedures, please see the Workflow for Researcher.

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