PSYC6000 Major Psychological Approaches

Course Description

3 units; 3 SEM

The course will overview the areas of social and personality psychology, cognition, and lifespan developmental psychology. For each area, current theories and research methods, as well as recent findings and controversies, will be presented. Research students are required to take this general seminar before taking any of the more in-depth content-related graduate seminars in psychology. Culture, broadly defined, will be integrated into the content of the course across areas.

Prerequisite for postgraduate diploma in Psychology's student:

Two courses from the following three different subject categories:

  1. Social: PSYC2620 or PSYC3630
  2. Developmental: PSYC2530 or PSYC3540
  3. Cognition: PSYC2240 or PSYC2350.