PSYC5170 Abnormal Psychology

Course Description

3 units; 3 Lect.

Dramatic advances have occurred in the past two decades in the study of psychopathology.  Human genome has been fully sequenced, the technologies of neuroimaging have made it possible for researchers to observe a brain in action in living people, and psychology has entered the Decade of the Mind. In this new decade, psychology has been re-defined as a science examining how human mind works in general. Abnormal psychology, on the other hand, specializes in understanding how human mind works when it goes haywire. This course is designed to provide you with the most updated knowledge in the field of psychopathology. You will learn about the key concepts of mental disorders, how mental predispositions and upbringing experience interact in the development of various mental disorders, how human mind works in different mental disorders, and more importantly, how you can continue to learn about the science of psychopathology on your own after you have completed the course. After all, learning is about “learning how to learn.”