HUANG Liqiang
Photo of HUANG Liqiang
Qualifications: Ph.D., UCSD
Appointment:Associate Professor
Office:Rm 357, Sino Building
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel:3943 6503
Fax:2603 5019

Teaching Areas

  • PSYC2020 Experimental Design
  • PSYC2240 Sensation and Perception
  • PSYC6000 Major Psychological Appraches


Research Interests

Visual attention; representations of visual awareness.

My researches are about visual attention, visual perception, and visual awareness. I conduct these researches because I am interested in the question of the content of visual information that one can perceive at one instant.


Representative Publications

Huang, L. (2015). Visual features for perception, attention, and working memory: toward a three-factor framework. Cognition, 145, 43-52.

Huang, L. (2015). Color is processed less efficiently than orientation in change detection but more efficiently in visual search. Psychological Science, 26, 646-652.

Huang, L., & Pashler, H. (2007). A Boolean map theory of visual attention. Psychological review, 114, 599-631.

Huang, L., Treisman, A., & Pashler, H. (2007). Characterizing the Limits of Human Visual Awareness. Science, 317, 823-825.

Huang, L., & Dobkins, K. R. (2005). Attentional effects on contrast discrimination in humans: evidence for both contrast gain and response gaid. Vision Research, 45, 1201-1212.

Huang, L., Hocombe, A. O., & Pashler, H. (2004). Repetition priming in visual search: Episodic retrieval, not feature priming. Memory & Cognition, 32, 12-20.