M.S.Sc. in Clinical Psychology (Full-time)


Orientation Seminar (1st December 2018)

This programme is jointly offered by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Psychiatry. It is based on the scientist-practitioner model of training and will provide both academic and clinical training, enabling graduates of this programme to be able to practise as clinical psychologists in Hong Kong.

Admission Requirement

In addition to the general qualifications (Please refer to Graduate School Homepage), all applicants must also fulfil the "English Language Proficiency Requirement" as stipulated by the Graduate School before being considered for admission. Please refer to the "Postgraduate Prospectus" issued by the Graduate School for details on these requirements.

Besides, all applicants should:

  1. possess a bachelor's degree majored in Psychology or qualifications equivalent to a bachelor's degree majored in Psychology;
  2. have eligibility for membership of the Hong Kong Psychological Society.


  • Knowledge of spoken Cantonese and written Chinese is required (Courses are taught in Cantonese and English).
  • It is preferable that the applicants have undergraduate studies in abnormal psychology, neuropsychology and counseling/psychotherapy.

Additional Application Information

In addition to the general application materials, all applicants should submit:

  1. a full resume
  2. an abstract of Bachelor's or Master's thesis;
  3. a self-description in English (750 words) including the followings:
    • My own personality sketch
    • What aspects of me will facilitate or impede my development in this profession?
    • Describe a personal significant life event. In retrospect, how do you see yourself being influenced by the event? Or, what have you learned from it?
  4. a statement on the following information:
    • a) Please notify whether you have ever applied to our MSSc in Clinical Psychology Programme in the past or not ? (Yes or No)
    • b) If yes, please list the years you have applied and describe in English (400 words) how you have changed since last application. If no, please skip this question (b).

The personal data provided by the applicants will be used for admission purpose only.

All supporting documents including confidential recommendations should reach our Division on or before the application deadline.

Coursework Requirements

Students are required to complete a minimum of 58 units of courses for graduation, normally within 2 years.

(1) Required Courses:  
  PSYC5010, 6020, 6100, 6210, 6220, 6230, 6231, 6240, 6610, 6620, 6710, 6720, 6730, 6740, 6750, 6810, 6820, 6830,6840, 6850, 6911, 6921, 6931, 6941  
  Total: 58 units
(2) Clinical Placement:  

Students are required to complete at least 220 days of supervised practicum over two years, covering 5 blocks of placement. The 5 blocks should include 3 core ones and 2 electives. The Core Placements will include the following service areas: (1) Adult Psychiatry/Psychology, (2) Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Psychology, and (3) Service for people with chronic mental illnesses or impairments such as intellectual disability. The Elective Placements may involve further training in one of the three core placements mentioned above, or chosen from among the fields of Forensic Psychology, Health/Community Psychology, Elderly Psychology, Social/Family Services and Neuropsychology, etc.


Placement Arrangements:

First Year      
  1st Placement: December - April 2 days/week
  2nd Placement: May - July 3-4 days/week
Second Year      
  3rd Placement: August 3-4 days/week
    September - November 2 days/week
  4th Placement: December - April 2 days/week
  5th Placement: May - July 3-4 days/week

Other Requirements

  1. Students are required to submit a research thesis and pass an oral examination for graduation;
  2. To complete the Programme, a student must obtain a grade of “C-” or above for each required course taken. A student who has received a grade of “D” for any one of the courses taken, he/she will have to re-take the same course in another term and pass the course with a “C-” or above grade. A student who has received two grades of “D” or a grade of “F” will be required to discontinue studies.

Career Prospects

Graduate students of this programme have been employed as clinical psychologists in

  • Department of Health,
  • Hospital Authority,
  • Correctional Services Department,
  • Hong Kong Police,
  • Social Welfare Department, and
  • other non-government organizations.