Professional Training

Neuropsychological Assessment: Seminar and Workshop (6 & 7 March 2014)

The Neuropsychological Assessment: Seminar and Workshop was held at CUHK on 6 & 7 March 2014. It was a two-day academic activity organized by the Hong Kong Neuropsychological Association (HKNA) and sponsored by the Department of Psychology, CUHK. The day-one seminar titled 'A locally validated neuropsychological test battery for primary school children' was conducted by the Working Group on Child Neuropsychology of HKNA together with Dr. Muriel D. Lezak, a renowned clinician and scientist in the field of neuropsychology, as the keynote speaker. The seminar was primarily focused on discussing the Child Neuropsychological Test Battery. Participants were taught on the construction, administration as well as scoring of this Child Assessment tool. Dr. Lezak also conducted the day-two workshop titled 'Mild traumatic brain injury issues in adolescents: the condition, the patients, the families'. Through her inspiring lecture and interesting case illustrations, participants achieved a deep understanding of the neuropsychological profile of adolescents with mild traumatic brain injury. The two-day seminar and workshop were well received by more than 130 participants.