Press Release on Study Results of Effective Strategies for Promoting Psychological Well-being
A New TV Series 'Psychological Resilience' to be launched with RTHK (10 June 2013)

Our Department has been carrying out various researches about psychological well-being, hoping to find ways to promote the psychological resilience of the general public. Prof. Winnie Mak has recently conducted two community research studies on effective strategies for promoting psychological well-being of individuals -- 'Online Mindfulness Training' and 'Compassion and Gratitude Writing'. Participants of both trainings demonstrated significant improvement in their life satisfaction, overall psychological well-being, perceived stress level as well as stress and anxiety symptoms. (http://goo.gl/KhQRt4)

To further strengthen public awareness on mental health and stress management, our department and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) have co-produced a 5-episode TV programme series entitled 'Psychological Resilience'. Sponsored by the Community Partner Foundation Limited, the programme features five real-life cases to bring out the positive message of facing stress with courage. (http://tv.rthk.hk/).