Words from Students

Ng Siu Lun Siron
B.S.Sc in Psychology (2008)

SironNgSiron was selected as the Hong Kong Rhodes Scholar 2008, one of the most prestigious academic awards for postgraduate studies.

After my graduation, I often miss the happy, warm and enriching times at the Department of Psychology in CUHK.

Faculty members of the psychology department care not only about teaching and researching psychology as knowledge, but they also care about psychology as life - the psychology of students. They listen to our feelings and thoughts, as well as opinions and suggestions to the department. From the bi-weekly departmental seminars, I learnt about their research and eventually became attracted to doing research first-hand as well. Some of my research collaborators are my fellow classmates, who are smart, funny and reliable. They are great companions to group projects and extra-curricular activities. Together, we design and conduct experiments, enjoy afternoon tea, play sports and join other activities. Most memorable of all, we share success and failure. Through all these, we have built close friendships, which are as invaluable as and more unforgettable than the knowledge we learnt. These have all become important and precious memories of my life.

[Siron pursued a Master's degree in Management Research and another in Modern Chinese Studies at the University of Oxford after graduation. He is now working in the Boston Consulting Group as an Associate.]

CHAN Ka Shing Kevin
B.S.Sc in Psychology (2008)
Ph.D. in Psychology (2013)

02 Kevin ChanWhat I cherish most about the undergraduate psychology program of CUHK are its strong academic reputation, world class faculty, interdisciplinary curriculum, and excellent opportunities for students’ professional career development. After my graduation, I often miss the joyful, warm, and enriching moments at the Department of Psychology.

Since my undergraduate days at CUHK, I have been impressed by the dedicated faculty members for their enthusiasm to teach and share scientific knowledge, research skills, and practical experience in the field of psychology. They have always been supportive of my study and research plans, as well as scholarship and job applications. Their passion and perseveration in research set the best role model for me. I am greatly appreciative of their unfailing guidance and support, and all the academic sharing and ideas input that have been very useful for my studies.

Over the years, the psychology program has connected me to a fantastic network of very supportive alumni, as well as to an extremely talented cohort of fellow classmates. I have been impressed with and inspired by the caliber of my classmates, which has created intellectually stimulating class discussions and motivated me to think in new perspectives. We have also made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. It is certainly my talented and friendly classmates whom I study with, learn from, and grow together with that make my academic journey truly fruitful.

These have all become important and treasurable moments of my life.

[Kevin is working as an Assistant Professor at the Education University of Hong Kong.]

Ph.D. in Psychology (2016)

The past three years in the PhD program felt like the shortest three years in my life. Speed, however, does not equate haste. It was a rich and sometimes intense experience, blending the painstaking, day-to-day training in the nuts and bolts of conducting research with the occasional pleasant realization of managing to see just a little further and clearer. As I recall, passing time was only palpable when the milestones woven into our training approached, which also served as reminders of what (should) have been done, and what lies ahead, and how time flies.

03 fang yangLike any worthwhile endeavour, the program challenged its takers to make the most out of what it can offer. Fortunately, I didn't have to handle the challenge alone. The coursework laid out the methodological groundwork to complement and anchor our own research inquiries, which can feel adrift at the outset. Experienced faculty members, and supportive coursemates and labmates, never shied away from offering direction and support. Resources and opportunities abound within the department and beyond for us to get acquainted with cutting-edge and multi-disciplinary research. Furthermore, our training benefited tremendously from the remarkable camaraderie among talented and dedicated colleagues in different pockets within the department. It was evident that many thoughts and sensibilities were built into the program to promote our professional development.

Completing the program marks an end and a beginning. Looking ahead, my training was a preparation that I could not have done without, and would definitely revisit in the future.

[Fang Yang is currently the Postdoctoral Fellow at The CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing.]

M.S.Sc. in Clinical Psychology (2015)

It has been both my pride and my challenge to have gone through the MSSc in Clinical Psychology programme.

Comprising both classes and clinical placements, the Programme equipped me with the necessary knowledge and techniques to be a local Clinical Psychologist. I have learnt about the ethics I should observe when serving, evidence-based assessments and treatments I can deliver based on my clients’ needs, the way to conduct research of my interest and maybe of greater value to the public, and so on. Most importantly, throughout this 2-year journey, I was constantly learning to be a healthcare worker who can tailor services to each client’s needs, to balance and collaborate my professional knowledge with my clients’ expert knowledge of themselves as a person.

It is my pride to have learnt from my Professors and Clinical Supervisors, whom I believe will be my teachers for life. If my personal and clinical abilities were to be regarded as seeds sown in me, I wish to thank them for nourishing these seeds through sharing with me their wealth of knowledge about psychological theories and life. I learnt to be more humble; I learnt to be stronger; I learnt to be more accepting of my own vulnerabilities as part of our common humanity; I learnt to always listen to others with not only my brain and ears, but also my heart. My learning and thanks are beyond words.

Nonetheless, this journey has never been easy. After these two years, one important realization is that: The more I learn, the more I feel there is to learn. The way that learning in this profession is never-ending is the exciting challenge that keeps me always looking forward to what lies ahead.

The end of the MSSc Programme marks the beginning of my new journey as a Clinical Psychologist. With these seeds and roots planted at CUHK, I shall continue to serve with humility, strive to the best of my ability, and remember every step I took to become who I am professionally and personally today.

Thank You, CUHK, teachers, staffs, and the always-beautiful CUHK Campus.04 Cindy Leung

[Cindy is now working at the Corporate Clinical Psychological Services as Clinical Psychologist]

TONG Kong-Yan Christine
Master of Arts in Psychology (2015)

As we need to catch up the essentials of psychology in less than 365 days, it was certain that time flew quicker than we would like it to. Fortunately, we were enlightened by knowledgeable and kind-hearted faculty members and gradually equipped a scientific and psychological perspective to see the world. If I were to give one more word to describe this fruitful year in MA in Psychology programme, it would be RUSH.05 Christine Tong

This was a year to Reconcile dreams with reality, alongside limitless passion and thoughtful actions; to Understand psychology not only as an academic discipline, but as teachings and guidance that we would like to build and share; to rediscover our Selves through the study of mind and behaviour; and to learn to be Humble - to the grand mass of empirical evidences and theories, to fellow human beings, and to life.

[Christine is admitted to the M.Phil. in Psychology Programme at the Psychology Department, CUHK after her graduation.]